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Get any of 3 types of FSSAI registration

  • Basic Registration : For Sales <12 lakh/year @ Rs. 2499 (inclusive of All) in Just 3-7 Days
  • State Registration : For Sales of 12 lakh – 2 Crore/year Starts at Rs. 10999 onwards
  • Central Registration : For Sales > 2 Crore/year - Starts at Rs. 16999 onwards

FSSAI application code in 3 days & license in 60 days

Food license registration in India

Rs 2499

Rs. 3500
(Inclusive of Taxes)


What is a FSSAI?


FSSAI means Food safety and Standard Authority of India. FSSAI registration is essential whenever a businessman wants to start a business in food sector, be it food manufacturing, packaging, distributing or food processing. A food safety certificate is issued by FSSAI. Thus, by applying in FSSAI a 14-digit registration or license number is obtained.

The most indispensable and fundamental necessity for everyone is food. It is, therefore, essential to recognize the importance of food and maintain its quality. As a result, there are various government organizations for fssai online registration that have set upon stringent laws in order to make certain, that the food we devour is non-toxic and nourishing. In the year 2006, The Food Safety and Standards Bill were sanctioned. The fssai rules of the Act were brought into effect from 5th of August, 2011.

Government took this step of licensing and registration system so as to ensure that the food products undergo certain quality check method. There by reducing the possibility of selling bad quality of goods and improving the accountability of manufacturer with the issuance of food service license.

FSSAI Registration Online
  1. Having a FSSAI license builds a feeling of trust in the customers. This leads to the long and loyal relationship with your buyers as the think we offer a great quality of products to them.
  2. Having this license helps you to reach to the benchmark of international license.

Corporate Companies are supposed to follow fssai rules and regulations of the new FSS Act.

 1.  The Food dealers that are hired by corporations should have fssai online registration under the new FSS Act. In case of vendors who are likely to maneuver in a single state, wherein they need to be registered with the FDA of that particular State. However, vendors are required to register for fssai with the Central Food Safety Authority when they are actively functioning in more than one State.

2. When Corporate Canteens allow cooking or manufacturing of food items in it, food license registration is mandatory for those Corporate Canteens.

3. It is mandatory for any food manufacturer to prepare a Food Safety Management System Plan. The main agenda for this is to supervise the process of manufacture and determine the quality of the product. In addition, it is necessary to make an annual inspection of this plan along with its execution.

4.  It is necessary for all the food mechanized units to get a Potability test, which refers to the testing of the water source. In order to guarantee that the water utilized for cooking purpose is potable, this test is obligatory.

5. An Internal Auditor is responsible to prepare frequent Audit Reports. However, monthly reports are prepared by a Food Safety Auditor. Additionally, it also demands a monthly preparation of food, water, and other safety related tests. In case any errors are spotted, the steps taken for rectification should also be documented. In conclusion, a complete documentation report should be prepared to be on the good side of the legal system.

Registering a FSSAI


Basically, FSSAI registration is requires for every Food Business Operator who is involved in food processing, food manufacturing, packing or distribution, it is mandatory for them to have food license.

The license or registration number is of 14-digits which will be printed on all the food packages ensuring that all the products are safe and qualified.

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All authorized and legislative bodies have access from a single point

FSSAI in all matters concerning to Food Safety and Standards, Regulations and Enforcement functions from a specific point.

There lies a high amount of reliability from the consumer in reference to fineness & security of food products.

The Licensing Authority authorizes a single license for a number of categories of food. In addition, only one license is required for distinct units or locations provided they are in the same confined area.

  1. FSSAI Application

    In 1-2 working days is prepared by us upon receipt of few scanned documents from client

  2. Application Filing

    After preparation of Application, the same is filed with respective authority for processing.

  3. Follow up and tracking

    After completion of filing stage, continous followups are made relating to the application filed and time to time updates are communicated to client.


A company can have either of the three FSSAI license :

  • Basic registration:

    It is a primary kind of food license issued for the following:

    1. Business whose turnover is 12 Lakhs or less. Examples are-
    2. Food business operator that are at a beginning stage like dairy with the capacity of less than 500liters a day.
    3. Traders like food processers, small ware houses, canteens, etc. require this kind of license.

  • State license:
    1. Companies having a turnover of more than 12 Lakhs but less than 20Crores require this license. Examples are-
    2. Dairies with a capacity of 50,000liters per day
    3. Hotels with a three star rating and more

  • Basic registration:
    1. Companies having a turnover of more than 20 Crores will register here. Example:
    2. It is issued to the companies that supply food to government offices and departments
    3. Food import and export commerce

List Of Documents Required For FSSAI Registration

For the registration of FSSAI depending upon the type of legal entity the type of food license or registration is to be done.

Firstly filling the personal information of FSSAI applicant:
  1. PAN card is the mandatory document as identity proof
  2. Copy of Aadhar card/voter ID, driving license, Passport (any one of the four is required)
  3. A passport size photo of the Applicant.

Secondly the documents of the registered office from where the business is operated.
  1. Latest electricity/water bill
  2. Copy of rental agreement if rental property or copy of property papers if owned by the applicant.
  3. Then, submission of FORM-A to the food and safety department. Which should be duly signed by all the directors/partners/members of society.
  4. this application is accepted of rejected by the department with in 7days snd the fact will be intimated to the applicant.)
  5. If the department is satisfied with the application then the department will grant the certificate and the registration number
  6. Then this certificate will be displayed by the business operator in his register office in business hours.

Additional documents required for state or central FSSAI license
  1. FORM-B duly filled and signed by the Directors/Partners/Members of the society
  2. List of members/partners/directors with their contact details and complete address.
  3. Layout plan/Blueprint of processing unit showing operation-wise area allocation and the dimensions.
  4. Name and list of machinery used
  5. Copy of MOA and AOA or Partnership Deed.
  6. Declaration regarding food and safe management system
  7. Food business operator’s proof of income determining his turnover.
  8. Self-declaration by the director
  9. NOC from local authority
  10. Affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper
  11. Nomination of the person appointed by the company in FORM.IX
  12. List of all the food categories which will be used in the business

  • FORM A for basic FSSAI registration to be filled by the Business operators, which contains the details about business activity
  • FORM B for state/central FSSAI registration, which is a mandatory form.

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