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Partnership Firm Registration in India

Partnership Registration

For two or more than two persons coming together to do business jointly.

  • MSME Registration Certificate to avail govt benefits
  • Invoice and Legal Agreements Templates

Partnership Registration

Rs 2199

Rs. 2500
(Exclusive of Taxes)


What is a Partnership Firm?

About Partnership Firm

Partnership Firm is a conventional form of structure to do business jointly. when two or more than two people come together to do business with joint ownership & management then it is termed as a partnership. Registration of partnership business is highly recommended. It is suitable for small manufacturers, traders, service providers & professionals. The Liabilities of partners is unlimited. Proworktree gets your Partnership firm registered in Effective, Efficient and Economical way. This form of organization should have at least two people to initialize the process of establishing a firm. Proworktree provides all the Partnership related services across India.

Partnership Firm Registration​

Advantage of having Partnership Firm

Less Compliance : A partnership firm is only required to follow compliance as per their tax & government registrations. So no separate annual filing in any other form is required.

Easy to Get Started : PAN Card, Identity and Address Proof of partners along with partnership deed are the documents required.

Inexpensive business start-up : It is an inexpensive type of business. It requires a minimal amount to get started along with less compliance. etc.

Tax Benefits : Partnership firm enjoys tax benefits when compared to other forms of businesses.

More details on Partnership Firm

Need to Form Partnership Firm

It is best for those who are planning to start a small business. The cost incurred to set up this Firm is also minimal such that it can be started by any person interested to do small business. Even there is no compulsion of having the registration done for the Partnership Firm. 

Number of Partners Required

To start a business under Partnership firm it should have at least 2 members. However, a Firm engaged in banking business can have at least 10 members and 20 members in case of any other business. The share of profit and loss can be divided either in equal ratio or unequal ratio as decided at the time of starting the business.

Agreement Between the Partners

In partnership Firm the is an agreement called Partnership Deed in which there are certain essential things are mentioned like the rights, the share of a particular partner in profit/loss, their duties, delegations, obligations are mentioned.

 Partnership Deed can be written or oral, but it is always said to have a written partnership deed so as to avoid conflicts that may arise between the partners in the future.

Necessary or Not to Register The Firm

As per the Indian Partnership Act 1932, Registration of the Partnership Firm is not necessary. However, there are certain rights or benefits available for the registered firms which are not available for the unregistered firms. Moreover, a partner to sue another partner of any firm, registration is required i.e. to sue others and get the suit to the court registration should be done.

 A legal business structure in which two or more persons, run and manage a business according to their terms and goals. Compare to other business structure, partnership registration is quite easy and most widely used for small and medium-sized business. Proworktree provides all the partnership registration related services.

It is essential that all partners must agree on a common firm name and then agree for a partnership agreement. In the document, all terms and conditions should be mentioned, it valid on oral promises. The terms of partnership agreement may vary on the requirement of partners mutual needs. This flexibility is mentioned in the partnership act, 1932. In case of a partnership agreement, silent on any situation, in this provision of the act would apply.

Why partnership Firm ?

- Registration of partnership is very easy.

- Expenses of partnership registration is very less compare to LLP.

- Required minimum compliance.

Partnership Registration Procedure


Benefits of Our Partnership Firm Registration Package?

  • check_circle We advise you on selecting the required govt. registration for your business along with partnership company registration.

  • check_circle Partnership Firm Deed Document Drafting

  • check_circle Two round of document drafting revisions at no extra charges

  • check_circle Support till partnership registration is done

  • check_circle PAN Card of Firm along with parnership registration certificate

Ingredient of Partnership Firm

Features of Partnership Firm

- There must be at least 2 partners in the business

- The liability of the members is unlimited

- There should be an agreement among the partners to share profit and loss.

- Partners cannot transfer their share of interest to others without the concern of other partners

- Every partner is an agent of the firm. He can act on behalf of the firm

- The business carried in Partnership firm should always be Lawful.


Details Required in The Partnership Deed

- Address and name of all the partners and firm

- Nature of business

- Contribution by Partner

- Profit/loss sharing ration

- Duties and obligations of partners

- Rights of each partner and also the special privilege enjoyed by active partner

- Salaries, commissions, or other amounts to be payable to him

List Of Documents Required

Documents Required for the Registration of the Firm

- Application form for registration under Partnership Act i.e. Form No. 1 

- A copy of the original Partnership Deed, which is signed by all the partners.

- Affidavit by the Partners, declaring their intention to become a Partner. 

- Address Proof and ID proof of the Partners like Pan card/Aadhar card/copy of driving license/passport/voter id of partners.

- Property or Premises on which the business is set up its Property/Lease Agreement. 

- If the property is rental then its rental agreement is required and NOC from the landlord.  

- If the Property is owned by the partners then its electricity bill or any other address proof.

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