FSSAI Food license registration in india

Food license registration


The most indispensable and fundamental necessity for everyone is food. It is, therefore, essential to recognize the importance of food and maintain its quality. As a result, there are various government organizations that have set upon stringent laws in order to make certain, that the food we devour is non-toxic and nourishing. In the year 2006, The Food Safety and Standards Bill were sanctioned. The rules …

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Offences that is punishable under FSSAI

Offences that is punishable under FSSAI

Why is FSSAI License needed?

FSSAI or The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is composed with the help of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The authority is responsible to supervise the proper implementation of FSS Act. This Act is implemented on various food business endeavors. Under this Act, all food manufacturing units may function from one contact.

FSSAI ensures that …

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